meet b.

the "b" in hunny b. is brianna neely, creator + founder of your new natural skincare bff. 

growing up, b was taught the importance of taking care of her skin by her mama. "you are never too young to start caring for your skin"; this stuck to her like honey and lead to a lifelong obsession of achieving glowing, healthy skin.

for the past decade, b has dealt with chronic pain + health concerns which have recently caused a shift in her priorities. in discovering that something as simple as a lip balm can contain toxic preservatives + synthetics, she decided to venture out and create her own. through this discovery, b stumbled upon a passion for formulating + recreating her favourite products without the yucky chemical ingredients - only the good stuff!

hunny b. was born with the intention to gently nudge ourselves towards becoming more conscientious of the products we use; for the sake of our planet and our skin. #SAVETHEBEES


we hope you love it as much as we do! Xx