frequently asked q's.

why is the texture of my lip balm changing?

if your product melts from the sun/heat, you may find the texture has become a bit bumpy when it has hardened again. don't worry! the product has not gone bad and it is still safe to use. this happens because some of our ingredients have a higher melting point than others and will stay solid if placed in direct sunlight. to prevent this, we recommend keeping our product out of direct sunlight and/or heat.

how long will my lip balm last for?

the recommended lifetime of our lip balm is approximately 6-8 months as we do not use chemical preservatives. but let's be real, it won't take you that long to enjoy. ;)

do you ship internationally?

we are currently only shipping within Canada but are already working on getting into the US. stay tuned!

where are the lip balms made?

each and every lip balm is proudly formulated and manufactured in Vancouver, BC.

what makes hunny b. lip balm different than other lip balms out there?

well, we're glad you asked! hunny b. products are made in small batches using natural, organic and raw ingredients such as locally harvested beeswax and honey. our lip balms are manufactured without the use of parabens, phthalates, fragrance, toxic preservatives or synthetics. because we do not use chemicals to preserve our products, we are always making fresh batches for our customers. we believe that less is more, hence why we use only six ingredients to create our signature lip balm!

do you offer wholesale pricing/opportunities?

yes! please contact us at to discuss our wholesaling options.